downloadable fliers for individual events:
Saturday, SEPTEMBER 7th:

Storytelling Theater -

seminar & workshop

Friday, SEPTEMBER 20th:
(reception before first event - check the main flier)

Insights: the Healing Power of Art -

visual art exhibition with ShenArt


Musictherapy for New Audiences -



Lets Play Together -

Kim and Jimbo


Harmony Works -

concert by Kimberley Moon & Nicholas Tomaskovic-Devey


Musical Adventures -

Exploring the Meaningful Life Together -

Jack Dunlap Band

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 21st:
(receptions before and after - check the main flier)

Singing as a Healing Modality -

seminar & workshop


Folk & Color -

community musicians' concert, featuring:

Melanie Miller, Daren Johnson & Michael Long,

'Hearts in Harmony'


Exploring the Musical Journey -

classical music piano concert -

Lynne Mackey

Sunday, SEPTEMBER 22nd:
(receptions before and after - check the main flier)
Monday, SEPTEMBER 22nd:

Dancing and Moving for Healing -

Freddie & Adrian


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