Adrian VanKeuren

Adrian VanKeuren began taking Tai Chi classes during her decade-long battle with multiple chronic illnesses, in hope that her health would improve. Now a certified Tai Chi instructor herself, Adrian is passionate about bringing the health and healing benefits of Tai Chi practice to the general public. Tai Chi's fluidity and slowness of movement makes it an ideal practice for everyone, and each movement can be modified to meet the practitioner's abilities.


Vicky Ryles



Theatre and education have featured prominently in Vicky’s life since childhood. In her younger years together with her friends she acted out parts of pretend scenarios and relished creating stories and ‘newspapers’. Playing ‘school’ in her younger years transformed into her role as a dedicated educator for forty years. During this time, Vicky kept up her writing, which included news stories, articles for magazines and newsletters, as well as children’s stories. Also, during her educational career, she created varied workshops in creative writing and taught acting skills to children and adults. She developed scripts for her students to enact and directed them in plays for school performances.Vicky enjoyed acting in many productions as well as directing plays for community audiences.


Kelley Crowley

Kelley Crowley is a writer, teacher, and creative coach. In other lives, Crowley was a radio personality, freelance journalist and the head publicist for the world's largest invention show. Her doctorate in Rhetoric and Philosophy drives her perspective in storytelling and story creation on all platforms.
Dr. Crowley encourages her students to listen closely to the words and not just tap to the beat.


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